Our Collection

Coming soon: The 100-strong Tribe Signature Collection

Bring Your RX

Come to our store with your valid prescription and choose from our own designer collection. 97% of single vision prescriptions can be made on-site, in as little as 15 minutes. For progressive wearers or sunglasses lovers, get the best of doctor’s office expertise and accessible prices.

Our prices are always for complete pairs, frame + lenses

Single Vision  = $90

Upgraded = $155

Specialty Computer Blue Block, Non-Rx  = $75

Progressives = $275

Upgraded = $345

Rx Sunglasses = $175

Upgrades: Blue light blocking, UV-responsive, or super thin high-index

Use Your Own Frame

If we understand one thing well, it is having affection for a great frame. Bring in yours for a new lens installation. And if you can’t give them up while we work, just book a short appointment for an express change out once we have your lenses on-hand.

Single Vision  = $75

Upgraded = $125

Progressives = $225

Upgraded = $295

Rx Sunglasses = $135

The Frame TLC Treatment

We are craftsmen of glasses, and that is why they can’t be seen as something disposable. Everyone has that old reliable frame that they just don’t make anymore, perhaps that has seen better days. Drop it by with us and let us work our magic. All new screws, nose-pieces, and plenty of time on our antique buffer wheel. It is only frame retirement time if we can’t save it. $30


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